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Technology. Simplified.

Easy to use control, monitoring and security solutions for Facilities, Equipment and Remote locations. Combining Control, SCADA, Communication and Web technologies reducing cost and complexity.   DEMO

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Our Products


Remote control and data collection

INTEGRASENSE offers a number of control, data collection and telemetry products such as the TBox family of remote RTUs. The TBox products are excellent for remote controlled equipment, utilities, infrastructure, transportation and process control applications. They feature emebdded control, data logging, communications, SCADA and reporting.


SCADA, HMI, Web Monitoring and Reporting Software

INTEGRASENSE provides world class Supervisory Control and Data Aquiaition (SCADA) software from Indusoft and CSE-Semaphore.

Our Onsite web portal allows you to monitor your facility and equipment from any location and get graphical histories, reports and Alerts.

Dream Report software allows advanced analytics and customized reports to be generated automatically.


Pre-Engineered Panels & Applications

The TBox provides us with control, SCADA and communications all in one package. Our pre-configured applications include a panel with the TBox mounted and wired ready to install at your facility. We also provide pre-configured web pages in the TBox to help you define the I/O, scaling and alarms along with pages displaying the realtime I/O status.


Security and Access Control

 INTEGRASENSE provides Security and Access control products with totally integrated features and IP network connectivity. This means that installation, configuration, and communications are optimized and easy to use.  Our products are easily scaled from 1 to 1,000's .  Leveraging the internet and embedded web technology you can remotely monitor or configure these systems from anywhere in the world.


Wireless Radios and Cellular Telemetry

Wireless Ethernet Radios, Gateways, Bridges. Cellular Communications and Telemetry Systems.

Latest News


IntegraSense will be exhibiting at New England’s premier water works event.  Come learn more about our innovative products and services at booth # 716. 


IntegraSense sponsored the Massachusetts Licensed Site Proffesional Association (LSPA) meeting introducing new guidelines for remote monitoring of Sub Slab Ventilation Systems. The guidline covers the use of telemetry systems to monitor the operation of ventilation systems and requirements to notify various site responsible personell and the MASS DEP.  Integrasense offers a scalable solution to monitor any type of equipment or site and provided demonstations of the Gateway systems and the TBOX RTU Telemetering solution.